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Everleaf Herbal
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Everleaf Herbal Skin Salve

Everleaf Herbal Skin Salve

Everleaf Herbal Skin Salve uses the gentlest ingredients to nourish, replenish and repair the skin.

Our products are made in-house using the raw herb to create botanical absolute oils through extraction. These oils are then expertly formulated with all natural ingredients to create a powerful healing salve perfect for babies and adults of all ages by treating a variety of skin ailments.

Echinacea, Burdock and Cleavers are well known anti-inflammatory and will reduce the itching and redness associated with many skin issues. Lavender helps to clean the pores, removing dead cells allowing for knew healthy skin cells. These herbs are then added to our signature blend of Cocoa and Mango butter, Avocado, Watermelon seed and Broccoli seed oil to create a luxurious yet non greasy body salve.

Hand made in small batches using all natural ingredients. Ideal for treating cracked skin, redness, itchy skin, damaged skin, peeling skin and other skin conditions.

25g recyclable amber glass jar

You can help by donating one of our skin salves to children who have a gastrostomy tube (Tube connected to their stomach for feeding), NG tube (Tube that carries food to the stomach through the nose) or tracheostomy (Tube inserted to their windpipe to help breathing) as these areas can become affected from soreness and redness of their skin.

Our daughter Fiona was born with a rare genetic disorder (Nager Syndrome) which required constant operations and medical intervention. This caused many secondary issues such as damaged skin around her tracheostomy site, inflamed skin around her gastrostomy site due to stomach acid leakage and dry, cracked skin behind her elbows due to limited flexibility.  We created our salve to first to heal her skin but then also to protect her skin from further outbreaks. Fiona’s passion is to become a graphic designer and she designed the herbal drawings on the labels and is also featured in our product images.

Our skin salve is gentle enough to use on a daily basis. To use, simply clean the affected area and using clean hands gently spread a small amount of the salve on the affected area and leave to soak in. Use as and when needed. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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